Take a large dose of dieting tales …  a sprinkling of Ivy, kitchen2_NEW
cooking passion … a mélange of work, family, and household misadventure. Season with a hint of nuts. You have the stew that is my life. I write and perform comedy, stories, and solo shows throughout Greater NYC. Come in and have a heaping helping of my humor. Thanks for visiting.

Hugs & Kugel,
Ivy Eisenberg

                                                                                                                      Photo Credit: Paula Markowitz Wittlin 


I have been writing and performing in and around New York City for more than 20 years. I am working on a Solo Show called “Loud, Large, and Funny.”  I also co-produce a regional storytelling show and pie bake-off called “Pros(e) of Pie.” I am an obsessive volunteer, I work like a fiend, and occasionally I squeeze in some quality time with my husband. All of this is a good source of comedic material, which I weave into humorous yarns in the wee hours.

If you have stumbled upon this site looking for my professional credentials, you are in the wrong place. For my day job, I am currently a customer research, innovation and user experience consultant. You can learn more about that at Our IdeaWorks. You can learn all about my work career on my LinkedIn profile.