My Parents Traveled the World, and all I got was…

I am greatly blessed that both of my parents are still very much alive. They were both around last year when we cleaned out their house and sold, discarded, and divvied up their belongings. Through some cruel twist of fate, I got stuck with their souvenir spoon collection. Not only did I end up with 51 little silver spoons to remind me of all the places I will never get to visit. I got a heavy, glass-doored, dark wooden souvenir spoon cabinet, which has no other useful purpose but to display the souvenir spoons from someone else’s travel adventures. It is ugly and unwieldy and it doesn’t fit anywhere for storage. And why would I hang it on my wall? I am not about to display souvenirs from someone else’s travels. My travels consist of the Stop & Shop and New Jersey. Two spoons. That is what I’d have. If I do go to any of the wonderful places my parents visited—Holland, Denmark, Spain, Arkansas—I am going to return the spoons to them.

A souvenir spoon is the most ridiculous object in the world. Oh, if you are the person who has traveled, it will remind you of that wonderful trip, assuming you can read the fine print on the handle of the spoon. Do you plan to use the spoon for tea? Or to feed a baby? Or will you just display it in a wooden cabinet with the others? That’s fine for you. But who else wants this? At least a shot glass or a mug can be used.

Can’t even sell these spoons on eBay. There are, at this writing, 25 wooden spoon cabinets for sale on eBay and none have bids. There are hundreds of listings for souvenir spoons themselves. True sterling silver ones are selling – maybe for a buck or two each. The stainless-steel ones are not selling all. Going to hang onto them in case they are worth something someday. I will keep them stored in the basement with the decorative Lenox plates. Decorative plates? Who needs those? Don’t get me started.